Pet Friendly Landscaping

Let’s be honest, we love our pets. They’re members of the family. We should ensure that our landscaping doesn’t hinder our pets and also we prevent pets from harming the overall look we are trying to achieve with our yards affordable landscaping. Let’s take a look at some landscaping ideas that will keep your pet happy and your yard looking great!

Landscaping for your Pets

Splitting up Areas

If you have a Garden, that is one of your pets favorite places to be. They can’t help themselves, they want to play in the dirt and have fun, but you want your garden looking great. Consider creating a fun, safe, pet friendly place in your yard for your animal to play and have fun, without compromising your landscaping.

Use Hardscaping to your advantage

Hardscaping can be your best friend when keeping your small friend out of places that can harm them or harm your plant and trees. Creating obvious pathways helps because dogs in particular like to patrol borders. This can help direct them away from your prized flowers or new tomato garden. The added advantage is it looks beautiful and adds a different dimension to your yard.

Plant Smart

Choosing strong plants or maybe a plant that dogs dislike, can help as well. Strong and sturdy trees and plants can withstand your dog or pets playfulness, while still keeping a beautiful overall look to your landscaping. Also, most dogs dislike plants that are naturally deer-resistant or particularly evergreens. Using these to steer dogs away from other plants is a smart and safe way to keep you and your dog happy.

Boundary Repellant

A possible temporary solution is boundary repellant. You can spray this along the edges of trees and plant beds. This is also a good way to train your dog to not go into these areas in the future, so a temporary solution could become permanent.

These are just some things you can do to keep your yard looking great. We wanted to make sure you could keep your pets out of certain areas while keeping their safety as a top priority. There are other landscaping ideas you can use, but these are some of the most common ones to ensure a great summer for both you and your pet!

Pet Friendly Landscaping

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