Landscaping Tips You Should Know

Winter is in full swing, I know we all like to avoid that cold, hard fact, but it’s true. Just look out your window and you can see. It’s never too early, however, to start planning for Spring. Let’s take a look at some often forgotten tips that you can take advantage of once the weather finally warms up!

Landscaping Tips you Need to Know!

Plan for Year Round Appeal

Evergreen Shrubs retain their leaves or needles all year long, so they’re constantly providing cover and color for your home. This can make your home look great even in the winter, so if you didn’t take advantage of this affordable landscaping secret last year, you most certainly should this year. Also, Evergreen plants advantageously near the corners of your home can soften up vertical lines, giving it a more inviting appearance.

Connect Points of Interest with a Walkway

Instead of trampling down the lawn, leaving a makeshift path of dead grass between your fire pit, patio and garden, create an attractive walkway using stepping stones, decorative brick or crushed stone. It’s all about connecting elements of your landscaping to pull those elements together.

Break up a Monotonous Yard with a Big Rock

A simple way to make a statement with your yard is to plunk down a big rock or two. Rocks that would be too big to even fit inside a truck bed! This is a very unique and eye appealing approach to making your lawn pop and stand out. Not sure where to put the rock or what type to get? That’s what the pros are for. Keep in mind you can visit landscape design Portland for greater options.

Make a Water Feature Look Natural

A water feature, even a small, self contained unit that stands alone on a patio, should look like it belongs in its surroundings. You can use natural stone to build it up and use stone similar to aspects of your home.
These are somelandscaping tips you can keep in mind once all the snow melts away. You can take care of your professional landscaping needs right this spring, to make sure that next winter your home resembles the winter wonderland you always wanted it to.


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