Landscaping 101: When to Aerate your Lawn?

Fall is quickly approaching, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about landscaping ideas and how you’re going to take care of your lawn to make sure it survives the cold weather that Northeast Pennsylvania is known for. Following fall is a harsh winter, so you need to make sure that your lawn can take the heat (well, really, the cold) or you’ll end up getting burned. We know, you said you would take all the right precautions last year, but you didn’t and now your lawn is paying for it! Don’t take the sidelines this coming season. One of the best things you can do to prep your lawn is to aerate it. What exactly is aeration? How is it done? Why do you need to do it? Don’t worry- we’re going to answer all of your questions and more!

Aerate your lawn: A landscaping must this season!

First of all, how do you even know why your lawn needs to be aerated? Good question. You’ve been walking, running, playing, and exercising all over your lawn this summer. That means your turf has probably seen better days. All that heavy, reoccurring foot traffic takes a toll, and can cause compacting, which doesn’t allow nutrients and water to flow down to the roots. This means your lawn is due for some core aeration.

Next question: Should you do this yourself? Probably not- unless you’re a lawn service expert like us here at Your Landscapers. Our next recommendation, therefore, is that you hire the pros to get down and dirty. When you aerate your lawn, you essentially are making holes in your landscape to allow it to “breathe.” That means it’s getting all those good nutrients, like water, air, and fertilizer down to where it counts. This keeps your lawn happy and healthy. In turn, you get to keep on enjoying a beautiful lawn year round, and definitely worry-free.

Landscaping in Wilkes-Barre is a different ballgame than other areas. Here in NEPA we get hit hard with each season, so that’s why you have to take extra special care of your landscape. DON’T overlook the small stuff, like core aeration, and DO call Your Landscapers to handle everything year round!

Landscaping 101- When to Aerate your Lawn

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