How These 3 Amazing Ideas Will Keep Your Garden Looking Gorgeous Over Autumn

You are probably starting to notice that the color of your trees is slowly turning into a perpetual dawn with yellow and red colors slowly taking over that which once was green. The temperatures are also changing and the cold weather is also taking over the summer. Whenever the autumn arrives, I start having this feeling of melancholy and yet, I also believe it to be quite a romantic setting and so, I seize that opportunity to change the way my surroundings look. So, I thought I would share with you some ideas I have for my garden this autumn, perhaps you can ask your landscapers, to do them for you to!

  1. Choose your flowers right: Autumn is a great season to start planting seeds, so besides choosing the kind of flowers your garden will need for this season, perhaps it’s also a good idea to think how do you want your garden to look like over spring. In the meantime, may I suggest roses, chrysanthemums, which look great in their pots, and purple heathers with orange and red foliage? This selection goes great with the season because of their colors and they also endure harsh weather.
  2. Keep that mulch coming: Your plant will love you for pilling up mulch on them, plus you can use the leafs that are now all over your backyard, while taking advantage of the many colors they have. Nourish them from the free mulch that you can get from This will not only provide an amazing autumn like appearance to your garden but it will also prevent insects and weeds from hiding in the residues of the autumn. Landscaping experts suggest that, if you want to use you natural mulch on your plants, then you should try to keep it between 2 or 3 inches thick, this should keep your soil healthy and your garden beautiful.
  3. Let the lights glow: Personally, I love tea lights and I think they do wonders for my garden, especially over the autumn, as they accentuate that romantic feeling I was talking about earlier. A great idea is to string tea lights through the branches of a tree. The lights will even accentuate the beautiful fall foliage.If you ever get stuck for landscaping ideas, call the experts from Southern Palmetto Landscape to get help!
How These 3 Amazing Ideas Will Keep Your Garden Looking Gorgeous Over Autumn

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