Fall Landscaping Tips

The changes of the fall season shouldn’t limit you and any landscaping you want to do. Landscaping for fall is just as exciting as landscaping for the spring or summer months. You do need to think a bit more, however, before diving into any projects because the elements will effect your plans more than usual.

Tips for Fall Landscaping in NEPA

  • Think of colors!

    You want to mix light and dark colors within your landscaping to give it diversity. Get yourself a cranberry cotoneaster for the ground covering. It gives color and can choke out any weeds that might try to pop up. It’s easy to get creative with all the rich and natural colors of the changing leaves. Follow along with the warm tones of red, orange, and yellow to paint a beautiful picture.

  • Large/Small shrubs

    Mixing the size and density of shrubs and trees can help give your backyard a bigger feeling. They can help hide areas or give more depth to your garden. Fall planting can include shrubs and trees (evergreens) that can handle the upcoming winter and survive through it. There are plenty of durable, all-seasonal plants that can make up for the loss of warm weather and sunshine.

  • Repeat plant shape

    Keeping the same shape of trees and bushes allows your garden to be more appealing. Symmetry has always been attractive to the eye, and your landscape is no exception. It may seem like a weird concept, but it can be appealing to keep one shape in your backyard, whether it’s clean cut corners or rounded out shrubs and lines.

  • Include some sort of structure

    When writing out your fall landscaping ideas consider a fence or stone structure to bring it all together. It adds more to your backyard, mixing nature and modern design. A fence can help enclose a rather sensitive area, or add a unique touch, whether it’s clean white vinyl or mixed toned wood- either will enhance your fall landscape. Many stone structures like Pavers and rock walls will easily withstand the strain of the weather, which makes them a great addition for a secure and beautiful home.

Fall Landscaping Tips

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